Required For Your License to Carry Class

Information About Getting Your Texas LTC

man at shooting range getting his Texas CHLIn order to make sure that your handgun licensing class is a successful experience, we want you to have everything needed and required by the State of Texas. Please read the following page carefully and check that you are ready to take our LTC class in beautiful Austin, TX.

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To be eligible for a Texas Handgun License, you:

  • Must be a legal resident of Texas, or apply for a non-resident license
  • Must be at least 21, unless active duty or honorably discharged from the military, then at least 18
  • Must not ever have been convicted of a FELONY
  • Must not be currently charged with a Class A or Class B MISDEMEANOR or FELONY
  • Must not be chemically dependent, including alcohol
  • Must be capable of exercising sound judgment
  • Must not have been convicted of a Class A or Class B misdemeanor, or a disorderly conduct, in the past 5 years
  • Must be fully qualified under federal and state laws to purchase a handgun
  • Must not be delinquent in any payments to the state of Texas, including child support and property taxes
  • Must not be restricted by a protective or restraining order involving a person
  • Must not have been convicted of a felony grade juvenile delinquent conduct in the previous 10 years

If you have questions about your eligibility status, contact the DPS helpline at 1-800-224-5744 or email:

DPS will NOT refund your application fee if you are not eligible for the license.  Make sure you understand the eligibility criteria before you apply.


Notice: Effective March 1, 2011, all fingerprints for original Handgun License Applications must be submitted through MorphusTrust (formerly L-1 Enrollment Services). See Helpful links on the homepage for more information. (Reference Administrative Rule §6.12)


Passports photos are no longer required for Texas residents. DPS will use the Photo on file from your driver’s license or your state (Texas) issued id card. Only those residents of other states, applying for a non-resident Texas LTC will be required to submit passport photo along with front and back copies of their state driver’s license or id card.

Mandatory Equipment

NO manipulation or handling of weapons in parking lots!

1. Eye protection
2. Over the ear hearing protection–muff type–to cover the ear and the area behind the ear
3. Head cover-cap or hat that will cover the head and the area toward the face (such as a baseball cap)
4. Footwear must cover the entire foot
5. No shorts will be allowed on the pistol range for safety purposes
6. Wear a shirt with a collar to the range
7. Handguns

a) One revolver of at least .35 caliber (no push off on single action will be accepted) or
One semi-automatic of at least .9mm caliber (.380 acp is acceptable)
b) All handguns should be in good working condition and have no modification(s) that will make the handgun unsafe
c) Be familiar with your handgun
d) There is no time allotted for zeroing handgun in this class

8. Ammunition–NO RELOADED AMMUNITION WILL BE ALLOWED, and NO aluminum cases! You will need a minimum of 50 rounds for each sidearm, as well as additional ammunition should you fail to qualify the first time.

  • PMC

**NOTE** No Magtech or Monarch brand ammo!!

There is no longer a handgun type restriction for your LTC, you may qualify with either a semi-automatic or a revolver, either of at least .32 caliber, without concern of what you may carry.