Information Regarding Renewals

Effective 9/1/2013, the requirement to take a class in order to renew your Texas concealed handgun license will cease. The new rule is that you will be sent the laws by Texas DPS and have to certify that you are familiar with them. After certification and payment to the State of Texas, your renewal license will be on its way. This is a mixed blessing. While it makes renewing easier, we all know that very few if anyone will actually read the laws and become as familiar with them as if you were in a class. Not being familiar with the law, while carrying a firearm can only lead to unfortunate situations. Therefore, effective immediately, I am offering a refresher class to stay up on the laws. No qualifying is required, however you are welcome to join us for the qualification portion. This class is offered for $35.00 and will cover the laws concerning concealed handgun licenses. As the legislature meets every two years, and your license expires every 5, I highly recommend you attend and stay informed.

Also effective 9/1/2013 is the change regarding minimum time in class and range. The minimum was 10 hours combined classroom and range time. After 9/1/2013 it will be 6 hours in the classroom, plus range qualification time. There is still a written exam upon completion of the classroom instruction, however DPS has not yet finished it, so the current exam will stand temporarily. Expectation should be  to spend about 8 hours total for classroom and range.