Shooting Aid

I recently came across a new aid in shooting pistols. It’s call the Tactical Operator’s Grip. To explain how and why it works, try this little exercise. Extend your arm in front of you and clench your fist. While holding your fist tight, feel the lower muscle of your forearm with your other hand. Notice how tight and contracted it is. Now do the same thing with your pinky only about half curled. You should notice that your muscle is much more relaxed. This is how the TOG works. by keeping your pinky somewhat extended, your forearm muscle is not as constricted, therefore not pulling your hand down. Try it while holding your firearm, you should notice that the barrel of your pistol stays straight much more naturally with your pinky somewhat extended. They will be available shortly in two sizes, one for compact pistols and one for medium/large frame pistols. Currently there is no model for the ultra compacts such as the Smith & Wesson Shield. I have some of these in stock for examination and trial during CHL class, but intend to have plenty of inventory for sale in the near future. Please feel free to respond with your comments…

Tactical Operators Grip


Tactical Operators Grip Demo