Texas Pro Gun Legislation

Two pro-gun bills have been introduced in the second special session called by Governor Rick Perry.

But there’s very little time for lawmakers to act — the session only lasts until the end of the month.

Unless they hear from you, the legislative leadership is certain to let these pro-gun bills die again.

The first is the “Criminal Safezone” Repeal Act — SB-21.

Proposed by Senator Donna Campbell (R-25), this bill takes a big step in the right direction by removing government-imposed criminal safezones… otherwise known as “gun-free zones”.

If passed, it would no longer be illegal to carry in the following places with your CHL:

*** At the polls, race tracks or on a picnic at a park.

*** In your church or synagogue.

*** At the hospital when visiting a loved one.

Also before lawmakers is the Second Amendment Protection Act — HB-19.

*** This bill prohibits any state official from enforcing a federal gun law that doesn’t exist in state law.

*** It also denies funding to any state or local agency that enforces such federal gun laws.

These bills represent a step in the right direction for gun owners in the Lone Star State.

But so far, these bills have been given the cold shoulder by legislative leadership.

The very same leaders who’ve been conspiring and scheming to kill meaningful pro-gun bills all year long.

Thanks to lawmakers like House Speaker Joe Strauss and Lt. Governor (Senate President) David Dewhurst, repealing criminal safezones and passing the Second Amendment Protection Act were both put on the back burner this year.

They even watered-down, weakened, and ultimately killed open carry and campus carry for the fourth regular session in a row.

I’m afraid that if you don’t act, they’ll do the same thing again during this special session.

Please take a moment to do these TWO things:

1.) Contact legislative leaders and insist they apologize for ignoring gun owners and add HB-19 and SB-21 to the agenda right away.

Speaker of the House
Joe Strauss

Phone: 512-463-1000
E-mail: Click Here

Lieutenant Governor
David Dewhurst

Phone: 512-463-0001
E-mail: Click Here

2.) Call Governor Rick Perry at 512-463-2000.

URGE him to get off the sidelines and start leading the charge for true pro-gun bills.

INSIST they push their so-called “leaders” to take up and pass the Second Amendment Freedom Act (HB-19), and the Criminal Safezone Repeal Act (SB-21) right away.