Texas Law Shield

Are you concerned about the legal consequences of carrying even in your own home? In today’s sue happy world, who wouldn’t be? The law is clear regarding where and when you may use deadly force, or even display your weapon for defensive purposes. However even following the letter of the law can mean legal bills that are hard or impossible to deal with. ConcealedCarryAustin is now associated with Texas Law Shield to bring you assistance and peace of mind when carrying. Texas Law Shield is not insurance, but an attorney on retainer that is paid for by a small membership fee. When you sign up through concealedcarryaustin.com your premium is just $10.95 per month and a one time $19.95 administration fee, your membership fee will never increase, nor can you be canceled. When you pay annually, you will receive 2 months of coverage at no additional cost. Unlike insurance, there is no deductible or out of pocket requirements this is an attorney on retainer, who will represent you no matter how long it takes at no additional cost. Texas Law Shield will not cover such thing as court costs, but will cover the attorney’s fees arising out of any legal use or carrying of your weapon. Now Texas Law Shield offers options such as out of state coverage, minor child coverage, expert witness and bail bondsman coverage. Further, TLS is no longer just for covering events regarding your firearm, it is now expanded to cover all events of force and deadly force, regardless of the presence of your firearm. The best news is that the price has not changed, still just $10.95 per month or $131.40 for 14 months.

Texas Law Shield App.

Texas Law Shield Instruction

Click on the above application and instruction links, print out pages. Fill out application per the instructions then scan and email the application to concealedcarryaustin@gmail.com. Make sure to include payment information, if paying by check, scan your check and email it with your application. We will batch forward your application to Texas Law Shield. Contact us with any questions.


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